The Steve Bate Real Estate Group would be thrilled to assist you in listing your home.   Here are a few tips to help you prepare your home for the process:

1. Pricing Is Key – If you want to sell, be competitive!  Be realistic and put yourself in the Buyer’s shoes.  If the Buyers are looking at similar style homes in the same town, give them a reason to put your home on the top of their list!

2. Condition – Clean and uncluttered is key here.  Wooden decks, rails, and fences should all be in good repair, and make sure to trim the shrubs, vines, bushes, etc. surrounding your estate.

3. Location – This is something that nothing can be done to cure so once again, be realistic.  Most Buyers will say they don’t want to live on a main road.  However, for the right price, your home can stand out amongst the competition.

4. Availability – There is nothing worse than having a house for sale that nobody can gain access to.  Selling a home comes with a certain amount of inconvenience that can’t be helped.  Now is the time to go out of your way to make sure that your home can be seen.  Very few Buyers will be willing to judge the book by it’s cover.  If you can’t leave the home while it’s being shown, perhaps you can step outside and wait for the agent to show your home.  This will allow the Buyers to feel comfortable speaking freely with their Agent.

Please contact Steve Bate Real Estate Group to set up a listing.